American consumption habits of ready-to-eat meals are changing. No longer satisfied with heavy, high-fat, low-nutrient fast food, today’s health conscious consumer is looking for lighter, healthier options. Nikko Sushi provides the perfect combination of nutrition and convenience by providing restaurant quality sushi delivered in two exceptional ways: commercially pre-packaged or ready-to-serve through our onsite Sushi Bar Programs.


Nikko Sushi will always deliver the highest quality sushi using the freshest ingredients. By establishing relationships with quality sources, we can guarantee that our sushi is as fresh as it can be, always packaged with professional UPC Codes and Nutritional Information.

Our all-natural tuna is directly imported from the largest tuna dealer in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, and our factories have consistently scored 95% or higher on third party health and safety audits every year. All of our food items are made fresh onsite daily by our trained sushi chefs using the finest all-natural ingredients.

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, giving you the opportunity to pass along that same level of excellence to your customers.


With over 20 years of experience in efficiency and production, Nikko facilities make sushi rated highest in value and freshness. Our Sushi Bar Program allows supermarkets and large-scale institutions to remain competitive and profitable by increasing traffic to their stores and venues.

Nikko provides trained sushi chefs who are ServSafe-certified, follow strict HACCP guidelines and are always present to greet your customers with a smile.

With a commitment to excellence and purity, we deliver all of the necessary raw materials you need and inspect all of our fish and vegetables to ensure the freshest selections.