The finest sushi under the sun

Our commitment to purity begins with sourcing the freshest ingredients from the sea and delivering the finest products under the sun. Nikko Sushi believes that by making fresh, all-natural sushi more accessible, we are able to contribute to healthier global food consumption habits. We are proud to offer consumers lighter, healthier alternatives along with the convenience of ready-to-serve meals. We welcome the opportunity to expand your consumer food selection experience to include the wonderful health benefits of sushi.


Pure Quality.

Creating a sushi brand you can trust is an ongoing commitment at Nikko Sushi. We invest heavily in our Research and Development Department so that we may stay on top of the latest sushi trends and offer something special to our valued clients. We understand that volume, timing and budgets vary, therefore, we make every effort to remain flexible, always adapting to your specific needs.

Nikko Enterprises has built a team of dynamic chefs, knowledgeable corporate office staff and experienced Field Operations Managers who are prepared to provide our clients with "best-in-class" service and support. In addition, we offer continuous quality-assurance and food safety training to all of our staff and chefs. We participate in customer service training, community outreach events and other client-initiated programs in order to support our partners. By working hand-in-hand with our clients we offer them the finest quality products and the best customer service experience in the business.


Pure Respect.

Providing the ultimate in pure sustenance, the quality of our planet and its resources are of utmost importance to Nikko Sushi. With an integral focus on sustainability and giving back to those less fortunate, we ensure that the goodness of the Earth is continuously fed. A percentage of our revenue is allocated to helping third-world countries with medical needs and local charities such as the Red Cross.