Today’s consumer is more health conscious than ever. Faced with predictable and uninspiring ready-to-eat food choices, customers are yearning for a new experience. Nikko Sushi understands this need.

We have created a nutritious and versatile pre-packaged and onsite Sushi Bar Program to satisfy busy customers who seek diversity and convenience in their dining selections.


Pure Nutrition.

Looking to expand your menu capabilities to include more health-conscious food options? Nikko Sushi is your trusted resource for restaurant quality sushi delivered fresh to your large-scale events. By providing the greatest variety and highest quality sushi products either pre-packaged or ready to serve through our onsite sushi stations, Nikko Sushi showcases your dedication to providing lighter, healthier, lower fat meal options to your discerning customers.


  • Convenient direct-to-site delivery
  • The highest health code ratings in the business
  • Uncut rolls that allow for the freshest serving option
  • Onsite station set-ups with friendly, expert sushi chefs
  • Custom menu design


Pure Taste.

Nikko Sushi delivers the perfect addition to your supermarket’s Home Meal Replacement Program by providing fully outsourced on-site sushi preparation. We offer freshly prepared pre-packaged sushi delivered daily. We also supply fully equipped onsite sushi stations complete with every ingredient necessary and friendly sushi chefs eager to take your customers’ order. Our efficiently designed sushi bars increase traffic to your store and provide an additional attraction for customers, elegantly expanding the diversity of your store’s meal selections.


  • Daily supply of fresh, all-natural sushi
  • The highest health code ratings in the business
  • Fully equipped and staffed sushi station capabilities
  • Friendly and knowledgeable chefs
  • Specialized menu design and customizable packaging
  • Competitive pricing


Pure Simplicity.

Creating a specialized experience that allows you to stand out from your competitors and appeal to the health conscious consumer, Nikko Sushi delivers ready-to-serve sushi prepared daily. Available pre-packaged or unpacked and served fresh through our fully equipped sushi stations, we are here to service your large scale organization with the finest quality all-natural sushi.


  • Daily onsite delivery
  • Custom menu design
  • Product offerings that uphold institutional guidelines
  • Ready-to-serve delivery options
  • Fully equipped and staffed sushi stations


Pure Excellence.

Give your next conference, banquet or event a healthy boost by offering the finest quality pre-packaged sushi alongside chef-staffed, onsite mobile sushi bars. Nikko Sushi offers a fresh alternative to large capacity hospitality organizations looking to provide the finest and healthiest culinary experience possible. Employing state-of-the-art sushi preparing technology, we specialize in efficiency and speed without sacrificing freshness and quality.


  • Expert ability to handle high volumes and large capacities
  • Efficient top-of-the-line sushi preparing technology
  • Fully equipped and staffed sushi station capabilities
  • Competitive pricing
  • Custom products and packaging